Production technology

Thin-Walled Flat Sections Line

It is a technologically advanced line specially designed for the production of large flat components that are subsequently assembled into larger steel structures. Welding work is automated with the use of welding robots. The maximum dimensions of steel plates with a thickness of between 4 and 12 millimeters that may be welded on the Thin-Walled Flat Sections Line is 12x12.5 meters. Their total weight with stiffeners and reinforcements may reach up to 60 tons.
The current technology permits prefabrication of up to a quarter of all elements of the hull on the Thin-Walled Flat Sections Line, which significantly streamlines production while ensuring observance of the highest quality requirements. The treatment of plates on the Thin-Walled Flat Sections Line is 25% more efficient than with the use of traditional methods.

Micro Panels Line

The Gdańsk Shipyard has two automated welding platforms that make up the production line for micro panels, i.e. smaller stiffened panels of up to 12x3.2 meters used in the construction of large-size structures. This production line enables automated welding of complex three-dimensional components. The handling of the line is limited to placing the components on the platform with the use of special manipulators. The machine scans the structure on the platform and welds it in three dimensions without any human intervention.

Flat Sections Line

It is the largest automated technological line in the Shipyard consisting of 12 manufacturing stations. Here, large flat elements (plates) are reinforced by with welded stiffeners. The line permits the treatment of plates of up to 16x3.6 m and with a thickness up to 40 millimeters.

Unique blacksmith machinery and technologies

The Gdańsk Shipyard uses advanced and unique blacksmith technologies. We specialize in thermal spherical bending of plates on blacksmith platforms. This enables us to produce the most difficult large-size steel structures with unusual shapes: bulbous bows, sterns and other complex structural components of the hull. For instance, the bulbous bow for the famous transatlantic liner Queen Mary 2 was produced in the Gdańsk Shipyard and then assembled in the Maritim Shipyard.

We also have a unique machine park with presses with a capacity of 500, 700 and 800 tons and a press piercing mill with a capacity of 1,500 tons.

Submerged arc welding on the Thin-Walled Flat Sections Line and the Flat Sections Line

Submerged arc welding – welding beneath a bed of granulated flux which, when melting, forms a protective slag layer covering the joint and preventing oxidation of the weld. The method has the following advantages: good weld quality, high work efficiency, high energy efficiency, good working conditions for the welder – the electrical arc is hidden beneath a bed of flux and no harmful fumes (welding gases) are released.

Pipe production

We are a manufacturer of pipelines for the shipbuilding and engineering industries. We manufacture pipes according to catalogs, isometric drawings, templates or specific instructions of the investor. Our steel pipelines are made of carbon high-alloyed steel. In cooperation with subcontractors, we also produce sections made of austenitic stainless steel. Our work is supervised by the classification societies PRS, DNV and GL.

Our piping work offer:

Precision cutting of steel

We have specialized machinery for cutting steel which may have the form of either flat products (plates) or other shapes (e.g. pipes). These are:

2 dry plasma stations and 1 wet plasma station with digital control and 3 gas-cutting portals.

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