Development Academ

The continuous improvement of staff qualifications in all GSG companies is the task of our new organization: the GSG Development Academy.

It was established in 2015 to continue the traditions of the Gdańsk Shipyard Training Group, a long-term leader in the training of welders of different specialties in Pomerania, and, above all, to set new trends in the development of the steel structure and shipbuilding sectors.

The Company’s mission is to promote employment in the industrial sector and foster the idea of personal development in such positions. The Academy’s trainees have an open path of career in GSG’s manufacturing companies. The Academy aims to promote the idea of lifelong learning. It supports the careers of its staff by providing high-quality training tailored to the needs of both its workers and the rapidly changing market.

A novelty in the Academy’s activities is the promotion of career prospects and opportunities in the steel structure sector for women and the vocational activation of the disabled. The Development Academy also supports other initiatives related to vocational education, building its database of contacts and future workers.

The GSG Development Academy is located next to the main production hall, providing easy access to modern equipment and top-quality professionals. The Academy is headed by Tomasz Steinborn, a Shipyard employee for almost 30 years.

Organizational information

The GSG Development Academy is open from 6 am to 10 pm (Monday to Friday)

Participants may adjust their training hours on an individual basis. For groups, it is also possible to arrange training on weekends. Admission to training is denied to individuals below the age of

Each participant of a training course receives a certificate of completion.

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