Next CKZiU graduates on board of Gdańsk Shipyard Group

Thise year graduates of Hull Fitter class of CKZiU nr 1 in Gdańsk took the challenge and started their first job. Few days after finishing school students received job offers from Gdańsk Shipyard Group – most of them have been working here since the start of July.

Regular hiring of graduates in Shipyard is the effect of  agrement signed by school and company. Smooth transfer from school’s desks to production hall is possible because of modular educational programme, developer by experienced teachers and shipyard workers. It guarantees entire theoretical and practical preparation of vocational skills.

„Students start classes in shipyard facility in second year of their education programme. They practice under supervision of our foremen in order to do more and more complicated tasks. Vocational preparation programme is customized in such a way, that students get wide range of skills needed to start their jobs Just after finishing school – Katarzyna Tomaszewska says, GSG Academy of Development.

Agreement between CKZiU nr 1 in Gdańsk and Gdańsk Shipyard Group is signed every year, what gives a chance for systematic extension of its scope, what is important for its efficiency. Excellent output of the programme is proved by high employment ratio of graduates and rising fame of Hull Fitter class among gymnasium students in Gdańsk.

„At the beginning of July Headmaster of CKZiU informed us about above average interest in starting education in class which Gdańsk Shipyard Group is taking care of. This interest, taking into account steady development of GSG group and whole offshore construction industry in Poland, allows us to look with optimism into the future, which is dependent on well-educated and high-skilled workforce.” – Maciej Mierzwiński says, President of the Board of GSG Academy of Development.

Job offers in Gdańsk Shipyard Group for students who have just finished school confirm efficiency using modular teaching programmes.

„ Our Group pays attention to flexibility in education. Fast changing steel construction market, which is getting more and more dependent on contracts for offshore wind energy, requires from us to teach young proffesionals skills and competences to do their jobs in different types of Projects in various industry branches.” –  sums up President Maciej Mierzwiński. 

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