OHS Awards for Q4 2015 presented

Distinguishing employees for outstanding achievements in OHS has become a tradition at our organisation. This time, Presidents Jarosław Łasiński and Adam Kowalski have awarded the following individuals for outstanding commitment to occupational health and safety at Gdańsk Shipyard Group in Q4 2015:

1st place - Mr Adam Went and his master team; 

2nd place - Mr Lech Maćkowiak and his master team; 


Honourable mention - Mr Andrzej Kleist;

Honourable mention - Mr Maciej Świerżewski;

Honourable mention - Mr Piotr Witek.

The award gala was an excellent opportunity to take stock of activities related to implementation of OHS standards in 2015. President Jarosław Łasiński has emphasized the importance of commitment demonstrated by all employees to occupational health and safety at Gdańsk Shipyard Group.


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