About us

GSG Development Academy was created by GSG with the aim of catering competence development needs of the industry staff. The company seeks to continue the tradition of the Gdańsk Shipyard Training Group, a long-term leader in the training of welders in Pomerania. Yet first and foremost it strives to set new trends in the development of the construction and shipbuilding sector. 

The Company‘s mission is to promote employment in the industrial sector and to spread the idea of individual development in specific job positions. The Academy aims to popularize lifelong learning and underscores the importance of professional fulfillment by providing quality education that is tailored to the needs of professionals and meets the requirements of the rapidly changing market.

The company’s core focus is on occupational health and safety. In a modern production facility with an eye on the international market compliance with safety rules is of paramount importance. The Academy’s priority is to make employees aware of the benefits of this approach.

GSG Development Academy is located by the GSG Gdańsk Shipyard and GSG Towers production facility which is why it boasts with rich equipment and professional staff. Our instructors have theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience gained during many years of professional jobs. Tomasz Steinborn, the Academy Manager, has been with the Shipyard for nearly 30 years.

On top of trainings for the shipbuilding sector, we also have training offer for steel structures professionals. Renewable energy or offshore constructions are rapidly growing fields and so, according to all forecasts, they will continue hiring an increasing number of specialists each year. Being a modern institution, GSG Development Academy trainings are tailored to the needs of the market.

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