From its very beginning GSG Development Academy managed a number of projects in the field of occupational development – selected examples:

A new direction highlighted by the Academy is the still untapped potential for opportunities in the sector of steel structures for unemployed women. Also, the Academy seeks to address occupational development of the disabled -- courses held are also intended for them.

Our regular partners also include Gdańsk-based vocational schools - CKZiU No. 1 and the Power Engineering Schools. One of the projects managed together is a dedicated class – students may gain practical skills in the profession of hull assembler during classes held in the Gdańsk Shipyard Group facility, all under the watchful eye of experienced employees.

These are just some of the many CSR activities managed by the GSG Development Academy.

GSG companies’ activities for the benefit of local vocational schools led to a nomination for the company by Paweł Adamowicz, President of Gdańsk, for the title of ‘A Gdansk Vocational School-friendly Employer.’

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