Project management

The shipbuilding market currently requires a significant flexibility of reaction from its participants, hence the GSG companies define modern project management as a key factor for success and actively seek to create an organization managed on a project-by-project basis.

What does it look like in practice? Since 2013, the Company has been conducting all its manufacturing activity under a project-based system based on 5 phases: project description, planning, execution, verification & coordination and project summary. Each phase has a defined specific objective and established procedures for reporting and communication, the effect of which is a dynamic and full picture of the Company’s operating activity.

The Company aims to encourage staff at all levels of the organization to present their proposals for development projects of different scopes and durations and then to execute these projects in the role of Project Manager. In order to pursue this objective, the Organization Development Department has been established with the task to promote a new style of management, to collect ideas, to support staff in the execution of the first such projects and to coordinate projects of strategic significance.

For GSG, project-based management is a natural choice because virtually every contract performed by the Company is a project aimed at manufacturing a unique product, within the deadline and within the budget, as well as in compliance with all applicable quality standards.

The Organization Development Department collects all ideas for the development of our Group – if you have any, please contact us!

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