Production technology

Unique production space

One of the main parameters determining the ability to produce large-size steel structures is a sufficiently large production hall. Hall K1 has the right space for all assembly work. It offers ‘high headroom’:

two measuring 105 m x 37 m,

and two measuring 70 m x 37 m.

In this part of the hall, the height of working space is 21 meters to the crane hook. The gantry cranes operating at the section-building site have a combined lifting capacity of 200 tons.


Large-size structure sections must be transported to the place of their final assembly. For this purpose, we use a 21x6.10 meter SCHEUERLE self-propelled transportation platform with a load capacity of 365 tons. The Shipyard also has its own railway siding and two locomotives.

Mounting platform

The site for assembling sections into a whole large-size structure is the mounting platform with a high load capacity located on the Kashubian Quay. It has the following technical parameters:

– length: 140 m
– width: 24 m
– lifting capacity: up to 20 t/m2

enabling the construction of an object weighing up to 3000 t.


The mounting platform is operated by two cranes of a combined lifting capacity of 100 tons. The other parts of the quay are operated by two more cranes with the same lifting capacity.

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