Our offee - wind towers onshore/offshore

We are equipped with the most efficient line in Poland for the production of towers for wind turbines. Its current production capacity is 26 towers per month.

In 2011, the construction of an additional production line was initiated to increase the plant’s production capacity.  The expansion made the tower plant one of the largest such facilities in Europe. Already today, according to independent ratings, we are among the top five producers of towers in the world.

Technical parameters of wind towers manufactured by the Shipyard mainly depend on the detailed specifications submitted by our customers. The ease of customization and the high flexibility of our production capabilities enable us to manufacture wind towers in accordance with a broad range of technical specifications.

GSG Towers- wind towers production capability
Parameter Maximum
Section length  38 [m]
Cylindrical diameter  8 [m]
Tonnage of single shell 35 [t]
Tonnage of section  200 [tonne]
Plate thickness  120 [mm]
Plate hight  3 [m]
Transport via trucks/vessel
Incoming goods via vessel/truck/train
Acces to quay/port Direct 
Construction type  Onshore/offshore


Jakub Wnuczyński
+48 58 769 16 35



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