Production technology

Thick plate rolling machines

We have specialized equipment for rolling thick plates. The latest and largest such piece of equipment is a MCB 3090WT rolling machine. It is one of the largest machines in the Shipyard and one of only several such machines in Poland. It is used for preparing basic components for the construction of wind towers, i.e. rolls for the assembly of larger sections. Main parameters of the MCB 3090WT rolling machine:

It is the second rolling machine of this type in our plant; the first one is a smaller MCB 3070WT device.

Welding technologies

We apply modern welding methods:

The main welding processes take place using semi-automated and automated welding equipment to ensure high quality and efficiency of the production process and care for the work environment. GSG Towers currently has 11 column-and-boom manipulators for semi-automated welding. It is the largest such machinery park in Poland.

Modern methods of maintenance and painting

Thanks to the modern painting equipment of our Maintenance and Painting Line, we may offer our customers the painting with zinc-rich epoxy paints with a metallization option for better protection – in line with the highest industry standards.

Outfitting stations

All kinds of mounting and assembly of internal and external equipment is performed in our production halls.

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